Joe Cianciotto – Should Children Use Tablets For Learning

Modern computer technology is making significant in-roads in the field of education. In classrooms, children learn the lessons their teachers impart on interactive whiteboards rather than blackboards.  Children now are taking the latest computer tablets to classrooms along with their ball pen. These electronic devices have a user-friendly, intuitive touch screen with simple controls and are cheaper than laptops. Many educational institutions issue personal-use computer tablets to students at the beginning of the academic year.

Joe Cianciotto is an esteemed professional in the field of creative direction from New York. He is currently the Executive Creative Director / Director of Integration at DDB in the USA.  He recently has been promoted to the Chief Community Officer by DDB New York.  He also has an interest in modern and smart technology and regularly shares articles on the subject online.

The role of tablets in the education of children today

He explains children can easily access the information they need for their studies via computer tablets. These devices connect them to the Internet, where they can find the resources to prepare their lessons. The benefits of allowing children to use computer tablets for their studies are as follows:

  • These computer devices are easier for them to operate than desktop computers or laptops,
  • The devices allow them to view real-time engaging material their teachers deliver when imparting knowledge,
  • Their teachers can access different-learning platforms via these devices to cater to students with special needs,
  • They can monitor their performance in school by analyzing their teachers’ grades on various assignments with these devices,
  • The devices contain interactive games and tests which allow children to assess their proficiency on difficult subjects, and
  • The devices help them to develop advanced computer programming skills at a young age,


In every society, certain groups of people urge allowing children to use modern technology are harmful. These generally include conservative educationists, certain child psychologists, and parents. They hold the view that children below the age of 8 should be prohibited from using computer tablets. This is because the exposure of excessive screen time on these devices adversely affects their brain development. They even point out the following reasons parents should limit the children’s accessibility to computer tablets:

  • There is a risk their children might develop behavioral problems due to lack of adequate social interaction,
  • The computer devices only work when the batteries are charged, and there is uninterrupted Internet connectivity, and
  • Spending too much time on a computer tablet screen disturbs children’s sleep and makes them obese.

As stated by Joe Cianciotto children can enjoy the benefits of computer tablets when it comes to digital education. They can get access to audio-visual learning aids that make classroom sessions enjoyable and interactive. They can access the Internet for research work and information at the click of a button. However, tablets should be used alongside books so that children do not get addicted to them early in life. This will hinder their cognitive ability to learn naturally and might interfere with their social interaction skills.