Landing Holiday Fundraisers – Advice for Fundraising Reps
Right now could be the best time to begin preparing for excursion fundraisers.

If you are a fundraising representative, you already know that now is the prime time of yr that organizations begin to plot their excursion fundraisers. If you’re new to landing fundraisers, or if you’re experienced with fundraisers but have not but delved into unsolicited mail as a way of touchdown fundraisers, examine on for suggestions that will help you this fundraising season.

Gathering a List

There are a ton of companies that fundraise throughout the yr to elevate cash. Try that specialize in a single sort of institution to your local vicinity to start with. A few corporations that regularly try to raise budget encompass:



Public colleges

Private schools

Sports Teams

School Bands

Cheerleading Teams

Booster Clubs

Youth Leagues

Civic Clubs


And lots extra.

To find the corporations nearby to you, you may hit the telephone fundrasing ideas book or use an nearby search engine to find a listing of names, addresses and phone numbers. Call every of the organizations you would like to send facts to and use the following script (or adapt it in your desires):

“Hi. I’m sending you a few fundraising statistics and I’d like to know who in your office to address it to.”

Write down the person’s name and now you already know who to ask for when you name to observe up at the records you send out (this permits you to get past the “gatekeepers”.

Sending the Letter

Craft a one page letter (now not a flyer) that simplifies your application, and most importantly, how using your application can gain their group. These letters need to continually be one page. You want it to present them a beneficial review without being see you later that they do not examine it.

Mail the letters to the agencies on your listing, with an “Attention to:” the person whose name you obtain from the previous phone name. Include with the letter a pattern brochure.

Following Up

This is extremely important. If you do not plan to comply with up, then it’ll be a waste of it slow to ship out the letters. About per week after you have sent them, start calling the companies you sent them to – ask directly for the contact character as though they’re waiting for your name. Then, inform them you had sent them records, ask in the event that they have had a chance to examine it and if you can solution any questions.

At that point, it’s miles up to you to pitch the sale. If the group says they might not now, but would be inquisitive about the future, add them to a destiny call list to re-touch in about 3 months. Good luck!

Michelle Pearson is a former fundraising representative who currently is a writer for the Fundraising Know How Magazine at fundraisingknowhow.Com – a website that makes a speciality of assisting fundraising coordinators supplying records on cookie dough fundraising [http://www.Fundraisingknowhow.Com/fundraiser-reviews/cookie-dough-fundraisers.Aspx], fundraising thoughts