Mack Prioleau– Key life Skills Children Learn by Playing American Football

American football is asport where two opposing teams of 11 players participate. They play on a rectangular grass field with two goalposts on the opposite ends. The team in possession of the oval ball called ‘the offense’ attempts to run towards their opponents’ goalpost. The opposing team players, known as ‘the defense,’try to stop their advance and gain possession of the ball. The offense team must run up to 10 yards of their opposing team’s zone in four attempts to score a point. Otherwise, the players must hand over the ball to their opponents. Conversely, they can score a point by kicking the ball over their opponents’ goalpost.

Mack Prioleau is a commercial real estate specialist from Dallas, Texas, with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Corporate Strategy. He has several years of valuable experience under his belt.His area of expertise is developing vacant plots and buildings in the industrial sector. Currently, he works as an Associate in a prominent commercial real estate company in the state. He is a passionate globetrotter and ardent sports enthusiast.

He explains American football is one of the most popular sports in the United States. Many children and teenagers at the school, college, and university levels are alwayseager to know how to play and master the game. With time, they begin to learn and start to appreciate the importance of the following life skills:

  • Teamwork

American football is a team sport like basketball, soccer, or baseball. Every playerwithin the team must work together asa cohesive unit to perform well. Only then can they win matches. Youngsters playing this sport regularly learn to bepart of a team and trust their teammates’ abilities. They can start to compensate for each other’s weaknesses and build on their strengths.

  • Discipline

Youngsters learn the essence of disciplineand developing a strong work ethic by playing American football regularly. To master the sport, they often arrive at the practice sessionson time. In every match, they follow the rules of their head coach and captain as instructed. On many occasions, players have to practice the same drills numerous times before becoming perfect.  Only then can they beat their opponent teams on the football field.

  • Perseverance

Playing American Football teaches youngsters tobe persistent in achieving their goals. During league matches, many of them face common pitfalls. These include losing a game, missing a catch, or being unable to run the entire 10 yards.They learn to take these failures in their stride, analyze their mistakes and learn from them. Then, they persist in overcoming the roadblocks to success.

Mack Prioleau concludes by saying children playing American football at an early age grow up to become mature adults. They learn the value of discipline, being a valuable team member, and preserving to achieve their goals. After completing their college education, they are likely to succeed in the profession of their choice.This gives parents a good reason to encourage their kids to play the sport to become balanced and responsible individuals with time.