Why are NCERT Solutions the Best Study Material for Board Exams?

The National Council of Educational Research and Training is an organization of the Government of India established in 1961. It prepares the curriculum for the schools which follow the Central Board of Secondary Education throughout the country. The performance in board exams play a vital role in students’ life in determining admissions in a good college or a dream college. Undoubtedly this creates stress upon students to perform well in exams. In order to help students to come out from such a situation, the best platform is NCERT Solutions.


These solutions provide a solid conceptual base for all the topics in accordance with CBSE syllabus. They cover all the formulas and theorems with clear explanations to improve better conceptual understanding in students. The solutions are so apt that students understand the covered concepts with ease in a short period of time. The answers are prepared to facilitate smooth and accurate understanding of concepts among students. The solutions of textbook questions are explained in a step by step manner keeping in mind the understanding capacity of students.


Precise answers of each question of the textbook help students to clear their doubts with ease and grasp the topics effectively. Experienced teachers advise students to follow NCERT Solutions, who are finding difficulty in solving the textbook problems. NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Maths are designed by expert faculty to help students to come out with flying colors in examinations. The complex problems are prepared in a systematic manner allowing students to understand and grasp the concepts without any obstacles. The solutions are formulated by subject matter experts as per the CBSE board guidelines


Uses of NCERT Solutions in Board Exams

  • Sternly follows CBSE curriculum

The answers for each textbook question are prepared by knowledgeable teachers in accordance with the CBSE board. The concepts are explained comprehensively as per the students understanding skills. It includes all the topics which are necessary for students to practice from an exam point of view.


  • Numerous problems to practice

CBSE board provides various problems for students to practice for better conceptual knowledge. Practising these solutions on a daily basis enhances problem solving skills among students which is important for exams. The examples provided before each exercise help students to gain an idea of solving difficult problems with ease.


  • Appropriate for CBSE Board Exams

Expert teachers suggest following NCERT Solutions as the answers are accurate in a simple language for better understanding of concepts. The main objective of students is to focus on the marks allotted for each step as per the CBSE exam pattern. Practising these solutions on a regular basis enhances problem solving and time management skills which are necessary for securing better performance in final examinations.


  • Clear fundamental topics

NCERT Solutions covers all the basic and fundamental concepts in a simple and understandable language. This helps students to grasp the important concepts thoroughly that would be asked in further classes as well. Once the students understand the concepts clearly, there is no need to mug up with difficult concepts prior to the exam.


It is clear from the above mentioned points that NCERT Solutions are the best study tool for students to rely on for exam preparation. NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Maths explains all the basics concepts of the textbooks accurately. Practising various problems of the textbook help to gain an idea of solving complex problems within a short span of time.